Q: Can I download to my iPhone or iPad?

A: All Boehringer Academy assets are available to stream or download. iPads and iPhones do not allow direct downloads from the internet by default. If you have an iOS device and would like to download any of our content for offline viewing you will need to install an app that provides download functionality (Mediatap is an example of an iOS download app). Users should follow the associated instructions of third party download apps to specify local storage, process downloads and initiate playback. Boehringer Ingelheim does not endorse any specific third party download app solution for iOS devices, takes no responsibility for any operations associated with any thrid party app and does not warrant compatibility or otherwise with any software or data policies that may relate to your organisation.

Q: What happened to my CPD records from the previous site version?

A: We have transferred all user CPD records to the updated Boehringer Academy.

Q: Which browsers are supported?

A: The Boehringer Academy site is optimised and tested on Internet Explorer 9+ and comparable browser versions.
The operation of this site requires advanced functionalities so if you are using a version of an earlier browser it will not be supported. It is advisable to update to a more current browser as older browser versions are no longer security-supported by their manufacturers. 

Q: Why do you ask for my Veterinary Practitioner Number?

A: To comply with industry regulations we are obliged to ensure that certain site information is only made available to qualified veterinary practitioners. We request qualified users to provide their registration number to satisfy this requirement.

Q: Who can I contact for additional support?

A: We have two support channels dependent on your needs:

Website support:

If you experience any technical problems or would like to comment on site performance or suggest future technical enhancements, please contact our Website Support team by email on techsupport@fcb.com.
Our Website Support team are available 9am - 5pm from Monday – Friday. To ensure we can offer you the most comprehensive service please include the following information:

  • The problem that you are experiencing
  • Details of the device that you are using to access the site
  • Your browser type and browser version number
  • Any other technical details that may be relevant (including screen shots if possible).

    These additional details will help us to replicate your viewing environment, test the outcome and suggest the best solution.
Boehringer Ingelheim

If you have a product related enquiry or you wish to report a suspected adverse event please contact the Technical Services Team at Boehringer Ingelheim on:
Tel: +44(0) 1344 746957
Email: vetenquiries@boehringer-ingelheim.com.

In case of an emergency our Out of Hours Emergency Support contact number is +44 (0)1344 746957. This number should only be used to request an emergency response to a situation specifically involving a Boehringer Ingelheim product. All other clinical enquiries should be directed to the clinical support contact above.